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Announcing Verdence/PRO

Education, empowerment & transparency are the pillars of the Verdence/PRO approach 

By Michele Welsh, Verdence Capital Advisors

Service offerings go far beyond investment management to include life skills education, career path analysis, private investment screening, philanthropic strategies and more.


BALTIMORE, MD – March 2, 2020Verdence Capital Advisors (“Verdence”), a nationally-recognized private wealth advisory and multi-family office firm, today announced a brand name for its longstanding specialist division focused on the unique needs of professional athletes and entertainers: Verdence/PRO.

Led by Rich Rosa, Managing Director and Partner, and Noel LaMontagne, Director and former NFL football player, the Verdence/PRO team is a highly qualified group that has vast experience helping professional athletes and entertainers manage their financial challenges and life complexities. Backed by the larger Verdence organization, which currently has more than $2.5 billion in assets under advisement, Verdence/PRO is able to provide industry-leading services, highly customized plans and solutions, and completely unbiased advice.

“I am very excited about the launch of Verdence/PRO. Under the larger Verdence umbrella, we’ve been serving the needs of the elite athlete and entertainment community and have developed a level of specialization that sets us apart from other firms, which all too often want to put these clients, who have unique stories and come from wildly different backgrounds, into one-size-fits-all approaches,” said Rosa, himself a former NCAA football player who spent more than two decades as a player representative before joining Verdence. “Our clients need a partner, a coach, and a confidant, not a salesperson.”

The philosophy underpinning Verdence/PRO is built around three pillars:

  • Education: All clients must be provided with the tools to make fact-based decisions about their futures;
  • Empowerment: The Verdence/PRO team sits beside clients, not across from them, and provides the confidence needed to get clients wherever they want to go; and
  • Transparency: No self-serving agendas, complete transparency on compensation, and a commitment to work only in the client’s best interests.

“Our three pillars are the simple but powerful principles that guide everything we do on behalf of clients,” added LaMontagne. “It is an exciting day for Verdence Capital Advisors and for the elite athletes and entertainers we advise. Providing access to this package of services and the depth of knowledge that Verdence/PRO offers is truly unmatched in the space.”

As part of the launch of Verdence/PRO, the firm has built a new website that functions as a hub of educational content and insights geared toward the unique challenges that athletes and entertainers must face. “How and when to say no,” “Career transition planning,” and “Are you renting a lifestyle?” are just a few of the videos and posts currently available, with more set to be added on an ongoing basis.

“Athletes and entertainers need and deserve access to the best of the best when it comes to managing their finances and planning for their future, and that’s exactly what we offer,” added Leo Kelly, CEO and Founder of Verdence Capital Advisors. “The power of Verdence/PRO is built on all that Verdence Capital Advisors has long offered to its clients, giving sports and entertainment clients access to the same experts and the same resources we bring to bear for ultra-high-net-worth business owners and entrepreneurs.”

The Verdence/PRO team offers a wealth of experience and a robust range of service offerings, including investment management and financial counseling to highly tailored budget and cash flow design, long-term in-depth financial planning, career path analysis, life skills and economic education, private investment screening, philanthropic strategies, and more.

“The career path and the earnings cycle of an athlete or entertainer are very different from a business owner or high net worth executive, but public figures are still business owners: the owners of their own personal brand,” added Rosa. “In their financial lives, they face hard choices, unlike any they might encounter on the course, field, studio, or stage. We want to empower our clients through endless education and support, so together, we can help them make the best decisions for themselves and their families.”

For more information, please visit www.verdencepro.com

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Verdence Capital Advisors is a nationally-recognized private wealth advisory and multi-family office firm headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, with an office in Northern Virginia. Committed to the principle that advice should be transparent, customized and given without bias, true independence is one of the guiding principles of Verdence Capital Advisors.

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